Privacy Policy

We respect the privacy of our every stakeholder, The privacy policy of has been carefully designed to protect the privacy and rights of stakeholders. We ensure that we comply with all standard and conditions by the authorities. We implement maximum policies to protect our clients and affiliates rights.


Every personnel information of clients and affiliates are highly protected with us. We understand that our clients and affiliates believe on us and we respect this believe. We always maintain personnel information in careful manners and subject to our privacy policy and upon using of our website for purchase or advertisement is subject to agreeing of our privacy policy.


  1. Type of Information we Collect:

We collect the minimum and limited personnel information for clients and affiliates. only collects name, email, payment, region, and products and primary contact information of clients. This information is necessary for collect by our system to reach clients on requirement.     


  1. Your Information & Its Use:

We stores your primary personnel information when you contacted us, signup our newsletter, use our discount codes and subscribe our deals, every clients and affiliates information is saved by us with highly safe condition for its original purpose and do not reveal in public and individual in any case.   


  1. Your Received Information & Further its Use:

We collect clients and affiliates information for contact them on requirement only. For only provide them informational emails, latest discount deals and new Stores preference on their wish. We do not sell or reveal any type of clients and affiliates information in any case.


  1. Using of Cookies: obviously uses cookies and related technologies to collect information of our clients only for positive purpose and we and our registered affiliates used this cookies for necessary contacts with clients and online shopping records. We use cookies to see our returning clients and provide related deals and offers.  


  1. Changing of Policy & Terms:

The terms and condition for privacy policy and others can be changed at any time or may be updated on If we have our clients and affiliates contacts information we can safely contact them directly and informed and updated about changing in terms and privacy policy by a single email and our client is always updated with our policies.



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